First Responders and PTSD

First Responders and PTSD

First Responders are ten times more likely to commit suicide than the average American and more than one third of First Responders are affected by PTSD.

Many of us think of the military when it comes to PTSD; not many of us have considered what a First Responder faces over the course of an entire career.

They are our superheroes. They put on their “capes” to come to our aid, respond to calls without regard to the horrors they may encounter; things most of us would never see or deal with in an entire lifetime.

Giving to Our First Responders: Foundation 1023

In 2016, Foundation 1023 was granted 501(c)(3) status shortly after incorporating and has already been providing confidential counseling care for First Responders. In addition, with the funding you have helped us raise to date, we’ve provided numerous First Responders the opportunity to experience peer to peer trainings, support networks and outdoor events that have been catalysts for positive mental wellness impact.

Foundation 1023 focuses on making a positive mental wellness impact to our First Responders.  Your support is helping to remove the stigma of this issue that is beginning to receive media attention as well as substantial supportive research. Current data shows that First Responders are affected by PTSD and vicarious trauma just as our military personnel are – but in the case of First Responders, it can last for an entire career.

As our First Responders are always there for us in time of need, please help us put the mental wellness of our First Responders first.

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