Feel Brave Childrens Book Initiative Launched Dec 5th, 2022!

Foundation 1023 and our partners are on a mission to provide over 50,000 First Responders in Texas centered on an emotional well-being initiative.

Purchase your Copy of The Wolf Wasn’t Sleeping Today!

$1.00 of the purchase of each book sold from the links below is donated to Foundation 1023 to provide mental health resources to first responders and their families.

The Wolf Wasn’t Sleeping EMS Edition

The Wolf Wasn’t Sleeping Fire Edition

The Wolf Wasn’t Sleeping Police Edition

Feel Brave Initiative Program Champions

Kris Kennett has been a career Firefighter in Dunedin New Zealand for the last 14 years, until becoming the Regional Wellbeing Advisor for Fire and Emergency New Zealand,  Te Kei Region (Otago/Southland).  In this role Kris oversees the Regional Peer Support Team, helps facilitate awareness programmes and new initiatives and supports all personnel and their families across the Region.  Kris is passionate about the proactive, preventative approach to wellbeing and prior to starting his new role with Fire and Emergency New Zealand he studied, “First Responders Trauma Prevention and Recovery” through Simon Fraser University in Canada.

Kris also represents the New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society, “Firefighters helping Firefighters and their families”, he is the regional representative for the Otago/Southland area and sits on the National Board.  To relax and unwind Kris enjoys getting outdoors and engages in a number of pass times, his mindfulness comes from a place of calm either, by the ocean or in the native bush.  Kris has a vision to bring Emergency Organisations together to collaborate on wellbeing, ultimately helping to advance the agenda of mental wellbeing Internationally.

Kris Kennett
Welfare Officer

Te Kei Region (Otago & Southland)


Mobile: +64 27 278 0895

Avril McDonald is the best-selling award-winning author of the ‘Feel Brave’ series of books (Little stories about big feelings) and founder of www.feelbrave.com  Feel Brave has the vision to give all children access to tools that help them manage tough emotions and reach their potential. The Feel Brave books have been translated into seven different languages and the free video resources are used and loved in schools and homes around the world.  Avril is a trained teacher, experienced businesswomen and a mum. She is an ambassador of the Life Education Trust New Zealand (who use her books and strategies in all their mobile classrooms), ambassador of the New Zealand Fire Fighters Welfare Society and patron of the Westminster Children’s University in London. 

Contact Details:

Feel Brave Pty Ltd

E: Avril@feelbrave.com

P: +61 423 122 334

Melody Mesmer is a Firefighter paramedic and the founder and CEO of Foundation 1023. She holds a BS in Fire Science. Melody has been a first responder for 27 years working in rural, city, and mountain medicine settings.  

She has been an EMS coordinator for 16 years in the Denver area. And is a nationally licensed Peer Support Specialist. Melody was the First Firefighter to obtain that designation in the area of trauma.

Melody and her husband Troy are both Colorado natives and are currently in the process of relocating to Texas.

Contact Details:

Founder Foundation 1023

E: Melody@foundation1023.org

P: (720) 432 0030