A new member of the family.

A new member of the family.

In 2018 Icare ambulance donated an older Flight for Life ambulance to the foundation to assist us with our needs for an event vehicle. We started pricing out upgrades and a wrap to cover the sweet bright orange paint on the ambo. The quotes were coming in very high and we were working on donations to cover the expense. Then CoVid.

We knew our chances of getting a vendor to assist us with the wrap was off the table for a while, but we still needed a way to transport all of our equipment. While browsing Craigslist one night we came across a vehicle that would need our needs. As we clicked on the pictures, we noticed it was an Icare Ambulance. So the next day I contacted Ryan and let him know we were interested. We talked through the needs, the project and our plan to purchase. Ryan called back a little while later and let us know they were donating it to the Foundation! We were overjoyed!

Ryan Holland, and Melissa Carlson; THANK YOU!

Icare Ambulance has been behind Foundation1023 since the beginning. The love, support, philanthropy and leadership they offer to our organization makes us stronger and allows us to serve more of our First Responders and their family.

We were able to work with FastSigns in Lakewood and they co-sponsored the wrap and assisted with design and application. Shout out to Austin for all of his work! They had us ready on time to show off the Ambulance at the First Annual Foundation 1023 Golf Classic.


We are excited to use this vehicle through the rest of summer for our Paddle outings and upcoming events.

We still have some work to do, like a stereo/PA system, some new wheels, and so on. If you are interested in joining this project as partner, Let us know!

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