Law officers resistant to seek emotional help in spite of high stress and dangerous job.

Law officers resistant to seek emotional help in spite of high stress and dangerous job.

DENVER — It is one of the most stressful jobs in America. Round-the-clock shifts, high divorce rate and it can be very dangerous.

When a fellow police officer is killed, the trauma resonates like a shock wave to those men and women who wear the badge.

For many in law enforcement, seeking help is perceived as a sign of weakness.

“It’s a concern that it will look bad on the record. It’s a concern that they might look bad in front of others, and partly they just don’t realize that counseling can help,” said Dr. Susan Heitler, a clinical psychologist in Denver who has treated many men and women in law enforcement.

Heitler said inroads to emotional help have been made, but there is still a long way to go.

“Emotional trauma response healing should be provided like physical healing is provided routinely for everyone who is out there protecting us and helping us in emergencies,” she said.

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  1. Linda Terry

    My son is a police officer. He knows I’m trying to find him a counselor that specializes in police. He is not doing well at all and needs help. I can’t find anyone in the Arlington,tax, or ft.worth to area that will take insurance. He did have one session with a counselor last night but it was 135.00 up front. He is going through a divorce as well and can’t pay up front. He has united healthcare. Can you please give me any help to find him help in this area?? Please help. I’m so very worried about him

    • f1023


      I have counselors that can help him out. please use the contact us page on our website and we will get you handled.

  2. f1023

    If you need assistance or services please use the request assistance on the front page or the contact us form.

    We can then get you taken care of.


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