Founded in honor of Kristin McLain, a flight nurse who lost her life during a helicopter rescue mission in Austin in 2015.

Kristin McLain, born and raised in Colorado,  who later moved to Texas, was an advocate in her community for the importance of mental and physical health.  Kristin used the lake and outdoors to help her navigate the stress she accumulated from her high pressure first responder career.

After the death of several First Responders across Colorado and Texas, We realized there was void of mental wellness efforts in the First Responder Industry  — we were missing the ability to offer mental wellness services through a confidential, judgment-free setting.  Similarly, we had a passion and background for providing outdoor activities for individuals and their families dealing with stress, illness or loss, to gain mental clarity, release and wellness.

We are humbled and honored to create a nonprofit program that could provide both to our First Responders. 

In the first responder community, 10 codes are used to efficiently communicate and in that language, 1023 means “arrived on scene”. Ironically, Kristin’s badge number was 1023.  Thus, in her memory and honor, Foundation 1023 was formed.

Foundation 1023 “has arrived on scene” to provide confidential care, community services and awareness to First Responders in need.