Most of us will never encounter ONE event that creates PTSD in our lives. However, First Responders can encounter critical, traumatic events on a DAILY basis. Yet, mental health conversations and support can be taboo in their culture.

Our Mission

Foundation 1023 is committed to supporting the emotional and mental wellness of First Responders and their support network who are experiencing illness, loss or stressful life events by providing confidential funding for emotional and mental wellness services, as well as access to peer supported outdoor activities and events designed for personal wellness and connection.

Through public, business and community donations, Foundation 1023 provides positive mental wellness impact for first responders with confidential counseling, peer to peer training and community awareness regarding the need for mental health support in the first responder community.

Help Us Put First Responder Mental Health First.

A Culture of Silence: Mental illness in the law enforcement community

Stereotypes and stigmas associated with mental illness in the law enforcement community have historically created a culture that too often ignores the stress and mental anguish that a First Responder may face.


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In The News

Working out with former Olympians for a good cause

Three soccer legends exercise for a good cause. Kristine Lilly, along with Mia Hamm and Tisha Venturini, worked out with gym regulars at Orange Theory Fitness to raise money for first responders.

“My husband’s a former firefighter in Boston,” Lilly said. “So I do understand the first responders and what they go through and what they see on a daily basis and, obviously, risk their lives. So, it’s close to home for me.”

“They serve us every single day,” said two-time Olympic gold medalist Mia Hamm. “So, if there’s a way we could help them, we’re all for that.”

How Foundation 1023 makes a difference