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Peer-Supported Activities
We offer peer-supported outdoor activities, events and community awareness for the stress, loss and work/life balance that First Responders and their families deal with. Scheduled events can be found on our Events Page.
Group or Family Outdoor Wellness Outings

Science tells us that getting outdoors and especially on the water can decrease stress, ease depression, and create mindful moments which help us focus on the present and shed outside stressors and thoughts, and raise endorphins. If you are a first responder or know of a group or family of first responders in the Austin or Greater Denver area, that would benefit from lake wellness time, please contact us and we will find an ambassador to host you.

Funding a Peer Support Network

Foundation 1023 offers funding for agencies to start or enhance an internal peer support network. Funding covers guest speakers, group training and more.

Paid Mental Wellness Services

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